Monday, October 6, 2014

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 SPOILER: **** is Alive in Episode 11 as Series Finale Hasn’t Been Filmed Yet

By Zachary Stieber, Epoch Times | October 6, 2014

Nero is one of the characters still alive in episode 11 of season 7, Jimmy Smits has confirmed.

The death rumors have been rampant about the finale season of the hit FX show, but apparently Nero stays alive for at least most of the season.

Smits didn’t reveal whether characters most subject to those rumors, such as Gemma and Juice, will still be alive.

The revelation that filming is happening on episode 11 means that the series finale hasn’t been filmed yet.

Smits told Yahoo that he still doesn’t know exactly how the series is going to end. “We’re all very excited to know,” the actor said. “You think the obvious people would be Katey [Sagal] and Charlie [Hunnam]. [But] they’re in the dark, too, I can say with pretty good accuracy, in terms of what exactly happens — how we close up shop.”

Smits also said that Nero has mixed feelings about his association with Gemma, and Jax, with a reference to how Gemma joked that Nero probably regretted buying her that drink. “Definitely he goes through the gamut of all of those feelings [such as regret], but love sometimes can trump a lot of things. People find themselves doing things that they never thought they would be involved with.

Because of the ticker that he’s got — both he and Gemma have had heart issues — they got something going on that’s more profound than any other stuff,” Smits said. “The feeling of not belonging to a family and then belonging, loyalty, or on the flip side, what happens when you feel that you’ve given so much of your soul to something and then there’s the sense of betrayal … that’s the thin line between love and hate. It’s no joke.”


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