Friday, July 5, 2013

Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco Step Out Together, Fail To Convince Me They’re Dating (CRUSHABLE) 7 hours ago by Jill O’Rourke

Henry Cavill Kaley Cuoco dating July 2013

So we’ve already established that Henry Cavill’s relationship with Kaley Cuoco is pretty meh, but could it also not really be a relationship at all? These latest photos of the couple stepping out in public together holding hands and flashing smiles have me suspicious. There are just too many things that don’t add up, starting with the fact that out of all of the pictures I’ve seen from their outing together, there is not one in which they appear to be avoiding the paparazzi’s cameras or seeking privacy of any kind. And that’s weird to see coming from two relatively private people. I mean, Kaley had a two-year-long secret relationship with her Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki. And suddenly she’s out and about flaunting her very new relationship with no attempt at privacy?

There’s also the issue of timing. When I first heard these two were dating, I immediately thought, “Wait, doesn’t Henry have a girlfriend?” Although Us Weekly reported that he and Gina Carano had broken up, I couldn’t find any reports about such a break-up that weren’t also discussing his new relationship with Kaley. When did this break-up happen and was there really enough time for Henry and Kaley to go from no relationship at all to holding hands and buying groceries? Seriously. They bought groceries together.

Also what was the status of their relationship when Kaley tweeted that photo of herself staring in awe at the Man of Steel poster? That looked like the kind of picture I would tweet after spending two hours ogling Henry’s chiseled features which I have never met in person, not while I was actually dating those chiseled features. So had she actually met him at that point, which was less than a month ago, I might add?

For all we know these two are a legit couple, but I’m not the only one who smells something fishy. Although most mainstream entertainment news sites are simply reporting that they’re a cute new couple, other places like Celebitchy and Buzzfeed are skeptical, and in the comments sections of articles on the subject, I’m seeing a lot of confusion, heartbreak and cries of “fake fake fake.”

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