Friday, August 9, 2013

Brokers question £3m Benedict Cumberbatch FSCS ads

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Aug 2013 | 11:01
Julia Rampen

Brokers have questioned the Financial Services Compensation Scheme’s decision to hire star Benedict Cumberbatch for a £3m advertising campaign.

The campaign, paid for out of the levy placed on financial services firms, includes radio adverts voiced by the award-winning Sherlock actor (pictured).

Campbell & Co owner Campbell Robertson said: “It seems absolutely ludicrous spending our money on something like that. I don’t think we need to advertise people getting compensation – they are quite good at doing it themselves.”

Simply Finance owner Ben Larkin added: “If only Richard Briers or Brian Blessed were available they wouldn't have cost £3m.

“He sounds like Alan Partridge to me, though the women in the office think he sounds sexy.”

Charwin Private Clients director Ranald Mitchell said the FSCS was a source of irritation: “£3m for an advertising campaign – what were they thinking? We got an interim bill recently because they were running out of money.”

However, Middleton Finance owner Daniel Bailey praised the FSCS for their choice of actor: “The main thing is the money is well spent if it is communicating the scheme to the consumers and they know it is there.”

A FSCS spokesman said hiring Cumberbatch represented “a fraction” of the overall cost of the campaign.

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