Thursday, August 8, 2013

‘The Following’ season 2 spoilers: Confirmation and James Purefoy

August 7, 2013

Just in case you for whatever reason had any doubt at all regarding whether or not Joe Carroll was still alive on “The Following,” we have this story here to prove to you that the character is still alive and kicking.

Granted, you probably assumed this courtesy of the news that James Purefoy is still going to be back on the show for more, but it is always nice to hear something that confirms it.

New scoop! -

Of course, Purefoy is not interested in having Kevin Williamson follow him around with a pitchfork, so he has kept a lot of the details about the upcoming episodes a secret. However, he did tell E! News in a new interview that he does not see Joe repeating anything that got him in trouble last time. He’s a smart man, and that to us translates mostly to mean that he is rather resourceful:

“I think he’ll learn from lost mistakes and I think he’ll rise up like a phoenix and create more murder, mischief, and mayhem.”


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