Sunday, September 29, 2013

COLIN FIRTH: Mark Darcy is dead: Helen Fielding kills off heartthrob in latest Bridget Jones book (THE MIRROR)

Killed off: Colin Firth's character

Mark Darcy, the dashing hero who famously rescued Bridget Jones from the lonely life of a singleton, is dead.

The tragic news, which will shock his worldwide legion of fans, was revealed last night by Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding.

In the last volume of Bridget’s diaries, published more than ten years ago, Darcy - played by Colin Firth in the movie - had just proposed to Bridget.

In the latest set of Bridget’s diaries, called Mad About the Boy, it emerges that the pair were set for a lifetime of wedded bliss after getting married and having two children.

But their happiness was not to last and the new book opens five years after Darcy’s death.

Bridget has become a 51-year-old single mum whose days are filled with the school run and dealing with outbreaks of nits.

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Richard G Wasylowski said...

A great big thank you for nothing to Helen Fielding, idiot author of Bridget Jones for ruining one of my favorite movies. I won't enjoy the first Bridget anymore knowing what's going to happen in the future. And now Hugh Grant gets Bridget????? After he ruined Mark Darcy's first marriage and taunted him about it???? I don't think so. Am I taking this too seriously.....

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