Tuesday, September 17, 2013

James McAvoy gets Filth-y

17 September, 2013 | By Wendy Mitchell

Filth certainly shows James McAvoy like we’ve never seen him before: smoking, drinking, snorting, shagging, cursing, punching, and any other form of misbehaviour you can imagine.

In the adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s book, McAvoy plays Scottish policeman Bruce Robertson, investigating a murder, missing his wife, seeking a promotion and generally behaving badly.

The underlying mental troubles that lead to the bad behaviour were what drew in McAvoy. “It was a portrayal of someone with severe mental health issues that’s not just sad and depressing,” McAvoy said after a London screening last night. “It was about finding the thing that makes him not just a surreal caricature which is his fear.”

Ultimately, despite the despicable behaviour, the filmmakers want the audience to care for Bruce. “We’re trying to make you feel for him, that should be the shocking thing.”

Director Jon S Baird said he relished the challenge of “making this despicable character, if not likable, followable.”

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