Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson filming The Secret Service (spoilers & pictures)

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Filming at the Garrison Church of St Barbara was at a fast pace today with, Samuel L Jackson and Colin Firth on set.

If you want to watch the movie when it comes out then don’t read on as this could be a major spoiler.

As the filming has gone on more about the plot is revealed. For starters the location of the church in the film is in America. So our cherished church in Deepcut has been renamed for the movie to South Glade Mission Church. A house opposite the church where The Secret Service - St Barbaras Churchsome filming also took place today (29th October 2013) even has an American style letter box installed at the end of the drive way.

A large amount of the filming today was outdoors with Samuel L Jackson and Colin Firth.

I visited the church a couple of times and managed to get footage of Samuel L Jackson shooting Colin Firth in the head. (Gasps from some of our female readers). This scene was repeated several times and Samuel L Jackson heard shouting and swearing which was obviously part of the scene. You can watch the footage I captured on my Instagram here.

In between filming Samuel L Jackson waved to local residents who were watching from the sidelines.

Disturbing pictures...

MANY MORE PICTURES - READ MORE HERE:http://surreyheath-residents.co.uk/2013/10/29/samuel-l-jackson-colin-firth-in-deepcut-today-thesecretservice-photo-blog/

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