Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Henry Cavill: Superman eats alone

Posted by Lainey
October 2, 2013

Check out Henry Cavill in Rome, eating alone. How would you feel about this series of photos if not for the Kaley Cuoco incident?

I would probably feel more…kind.

I would miss him for Gina Carano.

I might even envy it. Eating alone, with a book, or the newspaper, or a great magazine is an indulgence.

But that Kaley Cuoco incident won’t go away. She’s certainly trying to make it go away. That crazy quick engagement could very well be a reaction to the reaction of her perceived 10 day relationship with Clark Kent. And now Clark Kent finds himself all by himself. Which should have been the strategy from the get, non?

So can we start over now?

Can we make it so that it never happened?


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