Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rupert Penry-Jones: Blood, sweat and fears

Rupert Penry-Jones as DI Joseph Chandler Whitechapel.

Guy Davis
October , 2013

Since its premiere season, which saw a modern-day madman recreating the gruesome murders of Jack the Ripper in 21st century London, the UK crime drama Whitechapel has made the district of the title the epicentre for some truly nasty crimes.

It begs the question: is Whitechapel actually a nice place to live? Does anyone even really want to go there?
“It is nice, actually,” Whitechapel star Rupert Penry-Jones chuckled.

“It’s become a very trendy part of London. It wasn’t always but now it’s where the young, cool people tend to go. I love it there – it’s got real atmosphere.”

Well, if the fourth season of Whitechapel is any indication, the area not only attracts the young and the cool but the crazy and the bloodthirsty.

The six episodes making up the season are split into three two-episode investigations undertaken by Penry-Jones’ DI Joseph Chandler, Phil Davis’ DS Ray Miles and their team, including unofficial consultant Edward Buchan (Steve Pemberton), a true-crime enthusiast.

And the cases they’re trying to crack? A witch hunt where the victims are crushed under boulders and burned alive at the stake, for one.

Then there’s mysterious deaths in the sewers that may be the result of feral pigs.

“And there’s one where someone is skinning people,” Penry-Jones said dryly. “This is possibly the most grisly season yet.”

But the actor, whose other notable small-screen roles include Spooks and Silk, rather likes it that way.

“To be honest, the scarier and more gruesome the better, as far I am concerned,” he said.

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