Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Celebrity Sex Appeal: Richard Armitage

by Lucy Walton | 10 December 2013

Move over all you other British gentlemen actors, there is a new man in town and he is delicious- the hunk that is Richard Armitage.

Not only can this guy act while looking gorgeous, two traits we like in a man, but he is also dedicated to his acting roles. For instance, when he starred in Cold Feet, he took up aqua aerobics- and I’m sure there are a lot of ladies out there that would like to see him in a pair of speedos!

There is not a lot sexier than a man who can serenade you with a tune either and he can certainly do this as he plays the cello, guitar and flute! Not one  but three instruments!

his guy had humble beginnings too, working, packing boxes and at a Laser Quest while attending drama classes. There is nothing more appealing than a man who has had to work for what he has and fame has certainly not gone to his head, no, this man has his feet firmly on the ground:

I don't think actors need to go on pedestals. I don't buy it. I think it's a weird thing. It's like you become someone else, like stepping into another universe. (IMDB)

He had some serious ambition from being a young man as well, when at the tender age of 14 asked his parents to send him to a vocational school in Coventry to progress his musical talents.

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OhoopeeGirl said...

Oh, honey! You're just telling the world what the members of the Armitage Army already know! He's just absolutely PERFECT!