Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gerard Butler - Gerard Butler Spooked By Real-life Events Mimicking Olympus Has Fallen 18 April 2013 CONTACT MUSIC)

Actor Gerard Butler has been left spooked as storylines from his new film Olympus Has Fallen play out in real-life as if producers had a premonition about the future

The action thriller, chronicles the rising tensions between North and South Korea, as well as America's attempt to aid their allies before a terrorist attack is carried out on the White House in Washington, D.C.

The film was shot in early 2012, well before the communist country threatened to bomb the United States with nuclear missiles and Butler admits the parallels are startling.

He tells GQ magazine, "It's almost like we had a crystal ball. The headline (of the newspaper) was something like, 'Obama assures South Koreans that the U.S. will back them up.' That's the opening scene for the movie!"

And he's also convinced the film's writers knew it wouldn't be long before a woman was appointed head of the Secret Service.

Angela Bassett's role in the film was originally intended for a man, but the part was rewritten when director Antoine Fuqua opted to cast a woman.


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