Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sherlock's girlfriend on kissing Benedict Cumberbatch: “It was lovely and very soft”

Ralph Jones
10:00 PM, 12 January 2014

Sherlock's girlfriend on kissing Benedict Cumberbatch: “It was lovely and very soft”

What's it like to kiss Sherlock Holmes? One woman can tell you.

Yasmine Akram, the actor lucky enough to have been cast as Sherlock's girlfriend Janine, says kissing Benedict Cumberbatch in the final episode of Sherlock was an absolute delight. “It was lovely and very soft,” she told, adding that it would be top of her list of things to do with her afternoon.

His Last Vowdraws to a close the third series of BBC1's colossal hit Sherlock, written by Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Stephen Thompson. It sees Sherlock face the man he despises more than any other: the merciless newspaper baron (and “Napoleon of blackmail”) Charles Augustus Magnussen, played by The Killing's imperious Lars Mikkelsen. It also ends with what looks very much like the imminent resurrection of Moriarty, believed to have died at the end of series two (Moffat may be going back on his words: “He shoots himself in the brains. You don't come back from that”).

The first shock viewers will experience, however, is the early addition of a girlfriend for Sherlock, with whom he shares a bath and other cosy domestic moments. Girlfriends, says Sherlock in the first series, are “not really my area”. It is distinctly unsettling to see the detective being cute and cuddly with another human being.

Akram says the steamy scenes with Cumberbatch were “bound to put a few noses out of joint” and that she would probably be the envy of a great number of fans: “Those first 20 minutes, half an hour, people are going to be like 'Whaaaat!?'”

She says that although the kissing scene came at the end of a shoot that lasted about five hours, there would have been nobody better to kiss than Cumberbatch: “It was absolutely lovely”. She also explains that her performance would not have been as good without Cumberbatch as a co-star: “He doesn't intimidate you; he was just very kind and generous.”


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Estelle Burrows said...

Benedict seems to be a wonderful kisser and very tender. In every role I have ever seen where a kiss is required he always takes the woman's face in his hand eg Parades End, Wreckers etc which is very sensual, and as a woman I know that most women find this very tender and exciting at the same time. I personally believe being 'a good kisser ' is something that cannot be learned, it is something within our emotional make up -which some have and some definitely don 't.