Sunday, December 29, 2013

Michael Fassbender reveals that he was close to tears on the set of 12 Years A Slave after scene with a child actor

Saturday 28 Dec 2013 7:15 pm
By Sarah Deen

Michael Fassbender's emotional experience on 12 Years A Slave set

Michael Fassbender has revealed that he became quite emotional following a scene with a child actor.

Fassbender, who plays plantation owner Edwin Epps in the film, admitted he had a ‘lump in his throat’ when he spoke to the youngster, who plays the daughter of slave Patsey.

He told Empire: ‘She was so sweet, that little girl, because we did the scene and I come running out, screaming and yelling, and she got really frightened and started crying.

‘I was like “This is make-believe, we were playing pretend and everything’s OK” and we took her out of the scene.

‘After that I was getting ready to go back into the scene again and I was…getting into the headspace, pacing around a bit and she stood in the doorway. And she goes “Are you OK?”’

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