Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rupert Penry-Jones on life in America: 'I want to make it in Hollywood, but I WON'T BEG'

PUBLISHED: 17:30 EST, 7 March 2014 | UPDATED: 17:30 EST, 7 March 2014

Rupert Penry-Jones has just come back from Hollywood.

Brits are having a bit of a moment over there on critically acclaimed shows like The Americans, Suits and Masters Of Sex, and Rupert has the sort of leading man good looks and posh accent that should have them rolling out the red carpet for him.

The only problem is, well... it didn't go brilliantly.

'I went to meet up with a few people but it's put me off for another few years,' says Rupert.

'I don't like the way that place makes me feel. When you go out to California, unless you're a movie star, you feel like a failure and I don't want to feel like a failure. If they call me, of course I'd do it, but I'm not going to go banging on doors. It's too demeaning and humiliating. I do want to work on an American show; the best of their TV is the best in the world at the moment. But I'm not going to beg.'

He didn't come away from LA completely empty-handed - he won a small part in the second series of a pirate drama called Black Sails - but he seems a little underwhelmed by it.

'I like to go into a series from the beginning and this is the second series,' he shrugs. 'I don't know what's going to happen to my character but it was fun to film; I got to spend a few weeks in Cape Town with my friend Toby Stephens, who's also in it.'

Normally at this time of year Rupert, 43, whose mother is To The Manor Born's Angela Thorne and whose father Peter Penry-Jones was an actor too, would be filming Whitechapel; but that was axed by ITV at the end of last year. He admits he's still surprised and a little bit angry that the channel didn't let the gory detective drama have a fifth and final series.

Rupert Penry-Jones plays Clive Reader in Silk which got off to an explosive start last week when he declared his love for Martha Costello, played by Maxine Peake (right)


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