Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hugh Bonneville: 'Giant C**k Up!': What Went Wrong In W1A Tonight? Check Out The 5 Funniest Moments


W1A the hilarious mockumentary (that's a staged documentary to you and me) is back again and once again tackling the big topics. Tonight the subject was sexism and “institutional anti-West Country bias” in the BBC. Well, naturally.

The second episode of the comedy-doc once again follows Ian Fletcher (played by Hugh Bonneville) as he struggles with his new role as Head of Values at the BBC. With a live radio interview with Woman's Hour looming and an awkward encounter with Carol Vorderman and Clare Balding, there are plenty of laugh out loud moments in this tongue-in-cheek four part series.

1. Justin Bieber Twittergate

With new PR brand advisor Siobhan Sharpe (played by the brilliant Jessica Hynes) nothing was ever going to run smoothly. Whilst on the train to Manchester for the damage control interview for BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour, both Tracey Pritchard (played by Monica Dolan) and Siobhan are at logger heads at how they should handle the sexism situation. Tracey reckon Woman's Hour is the best way to convince women that the BBC has their best interests at heart. Seems sensible right?

Not according to Siobhan who thinks Twitter is the way forward. When asked how many people actually listen to Woman's Hour (3.4 million) Siobhan is very quick to point out that rebellious pop star Justin Bieber has 45 million followers on Twitter, although we'd like to point out that he's currently at 50.5 million, and wants Ian to use the power of the Twitterverse to stop this ageism/sexism debate.

Trust Tracey to throw in some common sense though, we love it when she lets both Ian and Siobhan know that Ian is no J-Beebs: “I'm sorry Siobhan, I don't want to be rude or anything but Ian is not Justin Bieber and to be honest as far as I can see he's never going to be either. Sorry Ian I have to tell you things as they are.” Brilliant!

2. Clare Balding Fiasco

The other main storyline is about new show, Britain’s Tastiest Village. They already have Alan Titchmarsh (who was apparently voted the world’s sexiest man after George Clooney) on board, but they just need to seal the deal with his potential co-host Carol Vorderman.

It all looks like it is going to plan until hapless Entertainment Format Producer David Wilkes (played by Rufus Jones) reveals that their original favourite, Clare Balding is still on board.

Uh oh... with both Voderman and Balding due to come to the office at the same time, how can they keep the two veteran presenters from finding out about each other?

3. David Tennant's Commentary

We couldn't talk about this episode without giving props to David Tennant. He might always be Doctor Who to us (in fact you might recognise a lot of the cast from the Beebs sci-fi drama), but David adds just the right amount of comedy to his mockumentary narration. With lines like “giant and protracted c*ck up” and sometimes the completely obvious (yet somehow very funny) “another thing is about to happen”, we can't stop giggling at David.


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