Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brendan Gleeson Tries to Charm The Doctor in 'The Grand Seduction' [Trailer]

by Jack de Aguilar | 22 April 2014

The Grand Seduction

With one darkly comic Irish film already receiving rave reviews, Brendan Gleeson is starring in a lightly comic Canadian one, which, by the looks of the trailer, will have exactly the same effect. Taylor Kitsch also stars in ‘The Grand Seduction’, which has a brand new trailer below.

The film sees Murray French (Gleeson) rally the troops of Tickle Cove, a picturesque harbour town, to convince a visiting doctor to stay permanently so the local factor can keep its business contract alive and provide the locals with work. But with such a motley and lazy crew, he’s got his work cut out.

Kitsch plays the exotic doctor; a Canadian visiting the small Irish town. French’s efforts to convince Kathleen (Liane Balaban) that a little flirtation (not intercourse, mind) could go a long way don’t really work, but romance blossoms anyway.

Of course, the comedic core of this charming story, which is based on based on the 2003 film Seducing Doctor Lewis (original French title La grande séduction), is the juxtaposition between the aged, haggard locals of the working class town and the youthful exuberance of the doctor.

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