Monday, May 12, 2014

‘X-Men’ Premieres in New York Without Director Bryan Singer

Ramin Setoodeh
Film Editor, New York

X-Men Days of Future Past cast

Bryan Singer, the director of “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” skipped the world premiere of his movie on Saturday night, following the recent filings of two lawsuits that allege he sexually abused underage boys.

But the cast of the Twentieth Century Fox summer tentpole — including Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Ellen Page, James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart and Michael Fassbender — packed plenty of star power into New York’s Javits Convention Center. The live-streaming premiere also invited hundreds of “X-Men” fans inside, who waved posters and action figures and shrieked as the actors posed for selfies.

When the subject of their director would come up, the red carpet attendees either deflected questions or vaguely defended him — as an artist. The studio’s chief Jim Gianopulos thanked Singer in his introductory remarks, making no mention of the scandal or his absence.

Patrick Stewart, who plays Professor Xavier, recalled how Singer created a strong foundation as a director with the first “X-Men” movie in 2000. “Well, he is a visionary,” Stewart said. “He is a serious filmmaker. He knows the craft inside out. He knows what he wants, although sometimes it could be a roundabout process to get there.”

Asked if he’s reached out to the director, Stewart responded: “We are in touch all the time, through email mostly.” How is Singer doing? “He’s great!” Stewart responded.


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