Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SPOILER: 10 Best Moments Of Downton Abbey Season 5, Episode 2: It Just Got Interesting...


Barrow’s a bitch

Come on Tom, was telling everyone about Baxter really necessary?! Poor Mr Moseley. Just when you get used to him looking somewhat happy, he gets shot down to looking his usual slightly bewildered and vaguely unhappy self again. This is why you have no friends so you can stop miserably smoking by the fireplace feeling all lonely already.

A man comes to see a painting

In an interesting plot twist for Downton Abbey, a posh man visits to view a painting. But since he looks creepy and seems to be hitting on Cora, we wonder if there could be more to this oh-so-interesting plot line. Could an affair be on the cards for Downton’s most nasal resident?

Bye bye Jimmy

Jimmy leaves and no one especially cares that much, except Thomas of course. Although Thomas is a bitter fellow, maybe all he needs is someone to love. Is he ever going to find a sexy yet caring partner who doesn’t try to have him arrested when he goes in for a kiss? We hope so!

Lady Edith becomes Marigold’s Godmother

Lady Edith managed to keep her out-of-wedlock child a secret, and yet goes to see her everyday, tells everyone she’s paying for her education and is determined to help raise her. So why does NO ONE bat an eyelid? Except the dashing fireman’s wife of course, who we get the feeling will not be accommodating to Marigold’s birth mother.

Anna shopping for condoms

In what was definitely the funniest part of the episode, a horny Mary sends poor Anna to risk her dignity by ordering what we can only assume is an old fashioned condom for Lady Mary’s planned weekend exploits. Anna hiding from other customers to get her gear was just brilliant.

King on the wireless

“Why’s it called a wireless when there’s so many wires?” Kitchen assistant Daisy: asking the big questions. Upstairs and downstairs gathered to listen to the radio, and there was some fun ‘it’s just a phase’ talk that we could all smugly giggle at. Oh you 1920s kids!

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