Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fifth bride lucky for ladies man Sean Bean?


Actor Sean Bean with current fiancée Ashley Moore

To be fair to Sean Bean, he didn’t quite use the words “Never again”.

But he came pretty close, speaking not long after his last divorce three years ago, when he told a magazine interviewer: “Of course I believe in love.

"There is nobody who doesn’t believe in love.

"But marriage – that fits some people but obviously not me.”

Instead of worrying about his love life, he added, he would rather spend his time gardening.

But this weekend it’s a fair bet the autumn leaves are piling up unswept at his Italian-style house in a cobbled mews in North London’s exclusive Belsize Park.

That’s because he has marriage on his mind once more.

The 55-year-old actor, whose profile has soared with his roles in the blockbusting film trilogy The Lord of the Rings and the small-screen fantasy series Game of Thrones, has just popped the question to his 29-year-old girlfriend Ashley Moore and she has agreed to become the fifth Mrs Bean.

While that doesn’t quite put her four-times-divorced fiancé in the same league as serial knot-tiers Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa-Zsa Gabor, he’s getting pretty close to the tally of Henry VIII (by whom, incidentally, his character was once executed in a 2003 mini-series).

Born in Sheffield, where his father owned a steel firm, Shaun (as his name was spelled in those days) was 21 when he married his school sweetheart, hairdresser Debra James, in 1981.

On paper they lasted seven years but in reality the marriage was over as soon as it started.

Having taken a drama class at Rotherham College of Art & Technology, he moved to London to take up a place at Rada shortly after they wed.

They visited each other at weekends but it fizzled very soon.

“I’m very happy for him now,” Debra has said.

“I’m delighted he found something he really wanted to do and has made a real success of it.

"We were just two kids who fell in love.

"But it never worked out.”

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Shannon Reynolds said...

Sean, dude, you gotta quit this. I am sure she is a wonderful woman and very likeable and I am not trying to be disrespectful to her in any way. However, it seems as if the older you get the younger the girlfriend or wife is. Are you going through a middle age crisis or something?

Don't you think it is a bit too soon? I really think that you might be happier with someone close to your age because women over 40 are more mature, have had more life experiences, are more patient, understanding and they do not complain if you are watching football, she will just go and do something else. They don't get jealous when you are around her friends because she trusts their friends, in fact, they do not get jealous most of the time. They do not go out and party all night and have sown their wild oats already. If you continue to date women who are young, pretty soon you will be dating and engaged to sperm.

Oh, and though I believe that love does exists especially love for your child and friends, I do not believe in love the way you do and I do not fall in love in a drop of a hat because I do have trust issues when it comes to men that are not my friends. I think marriage is great, for other people. I have been married once and that was enough for me and I didn't even want to get married then. Complicated.

So, have fun explaining foreign concepts such as VCRs, Walkmans, the idea of no cell phones, iPods, the old computers that no one could afford, though my family did, VCRs cost $600 and up, the same with color television sets, mircowaves, having no cable except 24-17 channels. Why is it that I get the impression that women your age or closer to your age are very intimidated by 40+ women? Especially if they are strong women. Jeez dude, just what is up with you?