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Poldark TV Review: Has Aiden Turner done for Poldark what Colin Firth did for Pride and Prejudice?

By Gloucestershire Echo  |  Posted: March 16, 201

The Ross Poldark Hair Flick™. Hypnotic.

Poldark caught the British public's attention last week – and hunky star Aiden Turner appeared to have a lot to do with it. And he's probably going to keep the viewing figures high among a certain demographic after tonight's bit of skinny-dipping off the Cornish coast. It brought to mind Colin Firth's wet-shirt stint as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice back in the 1990s.

Reheating an old 1970s classic can be risky, but it seems as if bringing Poldark back has paid off for the BBC with women swooning and men seeming to enjoy the old-fashioned nature of the 18th century drama.

For its second episode on Sunday on BBC One, the question was whether Poldark will cement its place in the viewing schedule of the public, or whether people's interest would wane.

Judging by the Twitter reaction, it's probably got another series at least to come.

As we know from last week, poor old Ross Poldark (Turner, seen recently in The Hobbit trilogy and before that in the BBC's Being Human) has returned to Cornwall in 1783 from fighting in the American War of Independence to a rather flat homecoming.

His dad is dead and his lover Elizabeth (Heida Reed) is engaged to his drippy cousin Francis (Kyle Soller).

His family's old Cornish tin mine is in rack and ruin and it all looks as if he would be better heading off to London, as suggested by his uncle Charles Poldark (the late Warren Clarke)

But as chance would have it, a young 'child' he rescues from a dog-fight gone wrong, turns out to be the rather fetching (and very much a woman) pouty Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson).

Cue the setting up of a love triangle between heart-broken Ross being intrigued by wild Demelza while prim Elizabeth is wed to Francis but clearly still in love with her ex, who she had feared dead.

So far, so wearingly predictable - even if it is all set against beautiful scenery with the wind gently blowing through the actors' hair.

And in the second episode, last week's strands were picked up.

Q. How do you know Ross Poldark has entered the room? A. The ladies start doing this…

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