Friday, May 29, 2015

Michael Fassbender’s “Macbeth” movie dubbed a triumph at Cannes

Debbie McGoldrick @irishcentral May 29,2015 01:26 AM

Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday.

Michael Fassbender joined the stars at the Cannes Film Festival to premiere his latest, Macbeth, which he admits he didn’t even see prior to Saturday.

“I’m going to be seeing it with everyone else at the premiere … I can tell you that Marion [Cotillard] as Lady Macbeth is incredible. I know that from being across from her during the scenes. She’s mesmerizing,” Fass told Entertainment Weekly.

The critics absolutely agreed. The film got some stellar reviews, including this rave from the U.K.’s Telegraph: “After seeing Fassbender and Cotillard in these roles, the thought of ever seeing anyone else play them fades into irrelevance.”


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