Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fresh-faced Aidan Turner got his pecs out years before sensational 'Smoldark' scene

Kirsty Blake Knox
April 12, 2016

Actor Aidan Turner set pulses racing when he scythed his way across the Cornish coastline - topless and lathered in baby oil.

But that iconic Poldark scene wasn't Turner's first time baring his chest on the small screen.
In 2004, he was the star of Fruice juice's "it's a natural thing" ad campaign.

The tongue-in-cheek advert sees a topless Turner approach two ladies who appear to be wearing no clothes.

"Well hello there," Turner says. "Nice day for it - I can see you've got yours out too," he adds grinning.

The camera then pans down to reveal that Turner is referring to a bottle of orange Fruice juice one of the ladies is holding.

The ad aired over a decade ago when the aspiring actor was just 21.

The advert also stars Irish blogger Holly White and was shot in Spain.

Turner looks drastically different in the ad - his perfectly 'manscaped' chest hair is sadly missing.
So too is his trademark designer stubble and tousled hair.


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