Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Has Mrs Firth shut up shop?


Closed down? Livia Firth says she's shifting her business online 
Closed down? Livia Firth says she's shifting her business online
It was the go-to shop for everything eco-friendly, but Livia Firth’s green West London emporium has abruptly shut its doors, confusing loyal shoppers, only to reopen under an entirely different guise.
Bewildered locals were convinced that Eco Age in Chiswick High Street — of which Livia, 41, the stunning wife of Colin Firth, Oscar-winning star of The King’s Speech, is creative director — had gone out of business.  The premises are now shielded by frosted glass and the door, previously open to shoppers, appears closed.

‘Everyone thinks it has shut down and it isn’t surprising — the prices are ludicrous!

‘Some of the bags are made from really cheap materials and they charge ridiculous prices for them,’ one local tells me of the shop, whose signature green products range from sustainably sourced handbags to a chicken coop priced at an eyewatering £1,950.
However there is, I am told, a perfectly reasonable explanation for the transformation.

Twitter-loving Livia has restructured the company to focus on sales from its website in the future, changing the shop into an office and showroom.‘It became obvious that this was the direction Eco Age was going in and we alerted all our online customers with a newsletter,’ says a spokesperson for the shop.

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