Tuesday, October 21, 2014

'Crimson Peak' News: 2015 Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam Film Is 'Looking Good,' Got Great Response At Screening — Will We See A Trailer Soon?


We're still waiting to see the "Crimson Peak" trailer, narrated by star Tom Hiddleston, which aired at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year, but we've gotten a few juicy tidbits about the film over the past few months.

For starters, it's the reason director Guillermo del Toro dropped out of Warner Bros. upcoming adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast".

"[Warner Bros.] have a deadline to meet with the project that completely intersects with my delivery of 'Crimson Peak'," del Toro explained. "And 'Crimson Peak' I cannot rush. I am probably the proudest of this movie of anything that I’ve ever done. I want to be very meticulous."

The director also offered up some information about the film Comic-Con.

"It’s a gothic romance," he said, just before introducing the trailer. "It’s R-rated. It has incredible beauty, but it’s also very violent." He later added that the movie will feature "scary ghosts, but scarier people than ghosts," and that he was glad for the opportunity to create a "great adult story for a female lead."

More recently, Charlie Hunnam, who plays Dr. Alan McMichael in "Crimson Peak" gave some insight into his character.

"Yeah, really different," he revealed, when asked if the role is a departure from the status quo for him. "It’s kind of a very sweet, shy, quiet, dorky dude who doesn’t get the girl."

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