Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sean Bean joins Matt Damon in the cast of Ridley Scott's film of The Martian...

Simon Brew 10/21/2014 at 10:04AM

The human movie spoiler returns. Sean Bean, next to be seen on the big screen in The Wachowskis' delayed Jupiter Ascending, has landed a role in Ridley Scott's upcoming adaptation of Andy Weir's book, The Martian.

Bean joins a cast that includes Matt Damon, Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara, Michael Pena, Kristen Wiig, and Jessica Chastain. And he'll be taking on the role of NASA's flight director in the movie. Having read the book over the past week, unless there's a significant detour taking with the screenplay, this role is going to offer something radically different for Bean: survival chances.

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