Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Colin Firth's parents talk of Golden Globes pride (HAMPSHIRE AND ISLE OF WIGHT)


The parents of British actor Colin Firth have spoken about their son's glittering career ahead of Sunday's Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. The Hampshire-born star has been tipped to win the best actor award for his role in The King's Speech.

"It's one of the best things he's done," David Firth said of the movie, which has topped the UK box office. Firth plays King George VI in the film, which is based on the true story of the king's attempt to overcome his stammer. Ahead of her son's walk down the red carpet to the awards ceremony in Los Angeles, his mother, Shirley Firth, told the BBC: "He would be very pleased, but very philosophical if he didn't get it.

(Colin receiving his first film offer)
(Just kidding)

"He would recognise that it had been given to someone who had been acknowledged as having great talent. "Taking parts like this shows that he can be very daring - it was a big challenge to take on."

(Colin and his sister Kate)

As a child, Firth's first inklings of a possible future career was to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, a doctor. He gave up this early ambition to take to the stage. His father said: "I think my feeling was, well, if this is what he wants to do, and he's got some enthusiasm, then thank God he's found something he's interested in."

Mr Firth senior remembers the after school club in Alresford that ignited the acting bug and brought out the performer in his son. "There was a very imaginative and inspiring teacher at his school, she ran an out of school activity on a Saturday, a little drama group where all three of our children went.

"He became very enthusiastic about the whole world of drama and the imaginative play that was involved." Yet to star on the big screen as a superhero, his mother also remembers Colin, aged five, taking on the role of his favourite TV programme.

"He loved acting out from the time he was at school. The big thing then was Batman, so Colin was Batman all the time and I had to make him a costume.

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