Monday, March 25, 2013

Ray Stevenson reveals his panic after flooring Hollywood hardman The Rock during filming for GI Joe: Retaliation (DAILY RECORD)

ACTION hero thought he'd broken champion wrestlers nose 
when stunt for fight scene in latest movie went badly wrong.

MOVIE star Ray Stevenson has revealed his panic after accidentally flooring Hollywood hardman The Rock.

The 48-year-old, who featured in hit TV series Rome, thought his uppercut might have broken the champion wrestler’s nose.

The two heavyweight actors had been swapping punches for a fight scene in big-budget romp GI Joe: Retaliation, which also stars Elodie Yung and Adrianne Palicki.

Ray has told how, even though the bruising tussle with The Rock – whose real name is Dwayne Johnson – was as tightly choreographed as a dance, slips still happened.

He said: “The worst moment was when we filmed the first big fight. I spun round and accidentally caught him right across the bridge of his nose.

“I drew blood and I was worried. But Dwayne just shrugged it off. He was great about it and just said, ‘These things happen.’”

Ray, who was born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, joins the GI Joe film franchise as explosive villain Firefly, while The Rock plays Roadblock, a vital member of the GI Joe elite fighting force.

Ray accepted from the start that bumps and bruises were inevitable during the creation of realistic action sequences.

He said: “Dwayne and I went for it and we did clip each other a couple of times.

“His arms are the size of my thighs and, when he blocked my fist, it was like hitting an iron bar. I was black and blue with bruises.”

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