Friday, April 12, 2013

Emilia Clarke, Henry Cavill Get Social Media Support For ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie (INQUISTOR)

Emilia Clarke and Henry Cavill have inspired a slew of fan-made trailers on YouTube. The subject of those trailers: to express support for the pair as leads in a Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

The movie, slated for 2014 but currently marked as “in development” at IMDb and thus limited on cast-and-crew details, is definitely going to happen.

Many of us think it already did with 2002′s Secretary, a film starring James Spader as a man named Mr. Grey, who begins a torrid sadomasochistic love affair with his much younger secretary.

(No similarities there, huh? Whatever.)

The book’s theme is certainly nothing new. Vladimir Nabokov was writing about this sort of thing with Lolita long before E.L. James’ bestselling novel broke into the mainstream last year.


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