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Henry Cavill: Ten Things About... Henry Cavill Published Wednesday, Apr 17 2013, 2:29pm EDT | By Richard Gidlow (DIGITAL SPY)

With the latest Man of Steel trailer giving audiences a taste of what to expect, just what else is there to know about the star?

1. Cavill was born on the island of Jersey, to Marianne - a secretary - and Colin - a stockbroker - as the fourth of five sons and with no sisters. He attended boarding school where he began to act in school plays and even directed one.

2. His first major film role was in The Count of Monte Cristo and from there he had various bit-parts in Stardust, Tristan + Isolde and Hellraiser: Hellworld. Hellraiser was almost hell for Cavill after being put in a harness to film a scene but then accidentally being left there while the crew had lunch. Let's hope something similar hasn't happened on Superman - that spandex doesn't look particularly comfortable.

3. Cavill is a patriotic guy and reckons that if he hadn't gone into acting, he'd be in the army or studying at uni. His chosen course? Egyptology - not too specific then! He's also fluent in French and knows some German and Italian, so if you're planning a European break be sure to bring him along!


4. Before his success in The Tudors, Henry auditioned for the role of Cedric Diggory in the fourth Harry Potter film, reaching the final two, but obviously he lost out to a pre-Twilight Robert Pattinson. Not one to be deterred, he auditioned for another teen franchise...

5. That teen franchise was Twilight - awkward much? He was actually author Stephenie Meyer's first choice to play the pale 17-year-old heartthrob, but producers deemed the then-25-year-old Cavill too old, instead offering him the part of Carlisle. As you will know, Pattinson won the part of Edward Cullen and we reckon Cavill might not be his biggest fan. As they say, acting is a young man's game!

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