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Baby needed for Ripper Street (MOVIE EXTRAS)

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Deadline: 16/05/2013

Role Information

Roles: Participants

Details of Role

Hope you can help in finding a one to month old baby for Ripper Street.


Shooting date: Saturday May 18th
Shooting location: Dublin
Required: Caucasian Baby and chaperone (parent / legal guardian)
Baby age: Has to be one to two months old BUT must look like a newborn
Rate of pay: normal rates for baby and chaperone

Priority consideration will be given to members or the offspring of members.

How to apply:

Send an email to:

Subject line: Baby for Ripper Street

You MUST Include the following:

(a) Picture of your baby within the past WEEK
(b) Date of birth
(c) Weight
(d) Gender
(e) Name and MOBILE number of parent

Please,send this on to ANYONE who might be interested or able to help.

Thank you so much

How to apply

Enquiries should be referred to:


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