Monday, July 15, 2013

Jean Marsh wants to revive The House of Eliott July 14th, 2013 8:41pm EDT | By: WENN (STAR PULSE)

Veteran British actress Jean Marsh is putting the cancellation of her Upstairs, Downstairs reboot behind her by making plans to revive another of her period dramas, The House Of Eliott.

Marsh co-created Upstairs, Downstairs with her friend Dame Eileen Atkins, and she played housemaid Rose Buck in the original 1970s show and a revived 2010 version of the TV drama, which was axed after two seasons due to poor ratings.

However, she is now looking to reteam with Atkins to make a new version of the other TV show they created together - popular period drama The House of Eliott.

Marsh insists she wants the show to be able to avoid comparisons with hugely successful Downton Abbey, telling Britain's Daily Telegraph, "I want to bring House of Eliott back. You see, we have thought about it for a while, but now seems like the right time. We would like to set it in the Forties and Fifties rather than the Twenties. That way we would be a couple of decades ahead of Downton and wouldn't have to worry about comparisons.


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Unknown said...

I loved The House of Eliott. Hope this actually happens.