Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sherlock series 3: 10 things we learned from the teaser trailer video

A cryptic tweet from Sherlock's Mark Gatiss

By Aimee Bond, Kimberly Buckley
5 August, 2013

1) Sherlock is back

Way to state the obvious... But staying away from Baker Street must have been tedious and it has clearly had an effect on the Consulting Detective. Now he’s back. We saw at the end of the series finale in January 2012 that Sherlock returned, allbeit briefly. Now he is back and here to stay - but will the friends he left behind be able to adjust to having him back all of a sudden?

2) Mrs Hudson is still at Baker Street

“Mrs Hudson leave Baker Street? England would fall!”

It’s nice to know that not everything has been destroyed by Sherlock’s absence and that dear, sweet Mrs Hudson is still scurrying around and looking after Baker Street - after all, somebody has to!

3) Sherlock still pickpockets D.I. Lestrade

“I pickpocket him when he’s annoying”

We see Lestrade frantically searching his pockets, but what for? Perhaps his ID, which we know Sherlock has a stash of and uses on cases. Perhaps Sherlock purposely did this as his idea of a ‘joke’, to let Lestrade know he has returned. How will Lestrade deal with the return of Sherlock? It’s no secret that they have a bumpy relationship of sorts - Lestrade gives him cases, Sherlock gives him attitude but will it all have changed now?

4) Could Mycroft perhaps be a little grief stricken?

“All lives end, all hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock.” Although you say this, Mycroft, we know you care deeply for your younger brother. The shock is evident on Mycroft's face when he looks up - perhaps to find Sherlock standing before him.

Surely he’d have felt grief for his own brother, considering his feeble, hinted efforts to try to save him! Maybe he realised he was too late and that he’d gone too far. The questions that must swarm in his head when he’s in bed at night.

 5) John has facial hair


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