Monday, September 16, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch Hints At Marriage As Sherlock Wraps Up Filming


The details of series three of Sherlock have been kept under wraps but Benedict Cumberbatch has teased that viewers will be seeing a wedding take place in the new episodes of the hit BBC drama.

With one of the biggest mysteries (how on earth did Sherlock manage to fake his own death?) set to be revealed on the new 90 minute episodes, the actor also teased to The Guardian: "Well, there's a reunion that doesn't necessarily go to plan. And there's a bonding experience that throws Sherlock and Watson back together in a very firm way. “And there's a new union as well, in the shape of a marriage, which Sherlock takes part in, so we see that."

Whilst we look forward to seeing the return of Benedict as Sherlock, the seasoned actor admitted that he felt sad when filming for the third season wrapped recently.

Confessing to being "sentimental" over his character, Benedict said: "I felt very sentimental on the last day of shooting, thinking, 'Oh, I've got to say goodbye to him again. He's f****** hard work, always has been, but I love him, and I got sad that I wasn't going to see him again for a while." Meanwhile, the actor recently admitted that he's not a fan of the questions he is asked about his private life by the media after he branded it as "s**t".


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