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BBC Sherlock’s John Watson: What’s next for Martin Freeman?

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October 2, 2013

Sherlock: What's next for Martin Freeman?

Martin Freeman’s casting in Fargo is a great next step in a post-Hobbit career. (Picture: PBS-Hartswood Films for the BBC)

It was a question we’d been wondering about for a little while, and even in the middle of last week were openly discussing amongst ourselves following a trawl of the Internet Movie Database – just what will Martin Freeman do next?

Ironically, a couple of days later we had our answer. He is the co-lead alongside Billy Bob Thornton in a ten part ‘limited series’ (that is, a series with no expectation of subsequent seasons) for US cable network FX, based on the 1996 Coen Brothers classic Fargo.

The Hobbit Trilogy has dominated Freeman’s life for much of the last three years, as it did for the actors of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy a decade ago.

For many of that cast, the next project they took was the crucial next step after such a consistent, and probably exhausting, run of acting work of playing the same character for such an extended length of time.

The Hobbit was of course different from the earlier trilogy, with scheduled breaks in production allowing Martin to fit in John Watson twice(!) for Sherlock series two and three, as well as work on John Hardwick’s Svengali and Edgar Wright’s The World’s End.

This new project ticks the boxes perfectly for Freeman, one of the nicest and most down to earth actors you could ever hope to meet.

We now have a new major question of course – what will he sound like with a Minnesota accent?


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