Sunday, October 20, 2013

Downton Abbey Series Four Episode Five: Brendan Coyle and Joanne Froggatt continue to shine (SPOILERS)


October 20th, 2013 by Matt D.

At the start of the episode, Bates is still holding up hope that Anna will once again be in love with him. I have to say though; waiting creepily by the stairs to greet his wife every morning probably isn’t the best way to repair the relationship. Anna’s mood still hasn’t changed with Mary now getting really worried about her maid while new staff member Miss Baxter pegs Anna as the most silent member of staff. Once again, Mrs Hughes tries to convince Anna to tell her dejected husband the truth about what happened on the night of the party. Though Anna once again refuses, Bates overhears the conversation and later confronts a dumbstruck Mrs Hughes. Mrs Hughes initially refuses to reveal Anna’s secret, when he offers his resignation she realises she must tell him the truth. But, Mrs Hughes’ version of events paints Anna’s attacker as a random man who broke into the house rather than the real perpetrator, Mr Green. Bates isn’t entirely convinced by Mrs Hughes’ story and gets her to swear on her mother’s grave that Green wasn’t Anna’s attacker. When Bates finally comes face to face with his wife he tells her that he loves her more than ever because of the suffering she’s been through. As they’re now reconciled, Anna feels that she is free from her past trauma, but this is far from the case. It appears now that Mr Bates will attempt to hunt down the attacker and I’m guessing this will lead to a confrontation between he and Mr Green.

Though it’s been criticised, there’s no denying that the story involving the Bates has been well-acted by both Joanne Froggatt and Brendan Coyle. Froggatt is an absolutely engaging screen presence and her facial expressions tell a lot more than her words could ever do. The other characters can tell there’s something wrong just from the way she carries herself and there’s a sad look behind her eyes that notes great sadness. Meanwhile, Coyle was great at portraying Bates as someone who is there to comfort his wife but at the same time will still be out for vengeance against the man who attacked her. Phyllis Logan also deserves praise for her part in this plot, portraying Mrs Hughes as the voice of reason and somebody who always tries to make the best of a bad situation. Finally, it’s great to see Raquel Cassidy join the cast as Baxter and I’m already loving the partnership between her and Rob-James Collier’s Thomas.


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