Monday, November 4, 2013

‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 8 spoilers: The finale, and Bates ...

November 3, 2013

Next week, “Downton Abbey” season 4 (save for the Christmas special) will come to a close courtesy of an exciting episode that looks to try and tie together some of the many loose ends that have been created over the past several weeks. There will surely be stunners, and there is also the possibility that Mr. Bates could end up finding himself behind bars yet again. (Spoilers ahead!)

Why is that? It all has to do with the news that a certain scoundrel in Mr. Green, as per our review for Sunday’s episode, is back in the Abbey briefly as Lord Anthony Gillingham is staying the night. Thanks to some information getting out, Anna is understandably worried now about whether or not she is going to lose her husband, and all courtesy of his temper and him finding out some more information that could lead to him making a stunning revelation.

As for some other major storylines that you can expect to see…

1. The newly-formed love triangle between Charles Blake, Mary, and Lord Gillingham will really start to bloom as the two men try their best to stake their claim for being with Mary … in as proper a fashion as possible, of course.


3. Edith thinks that she has a good situation picked out for her child, and it is courtesy of one of the local farmers. But why not try to be a mother herself? Given the world she is a part of, the little one could still have quite the happy life.


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