Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sean Bean Struggles With His Identity In Legends Trailer, TNT Sets August Premiere

BY KELLY WEST   2014-03-10 16:24:28

TNT released a new trailer for Howard Gordon's suspenseful looking drama Legends at SXSW this week. The drama puts Sean Bean back on the small screen in a starring role, this time around playing an undercover FBI agents who begins to struggle with what looks like a pretty major identity crisis.TNT has it on the schedule to debut this August.

Legends has received an August 20 premiere date at TNT, which barely qualifies it as a Summer series, considering it'll likely run over into the Fall season, but that's just fine. Those looking for some serious action may find it here, judging by the new trailer. Based on a book from Robert Littell, Legends stars Sean Bean as Martin Odum, an undercover agent among the FBI's Deep Cover Operations division. The character's ability to transform himself into a different person for each assignment makes him a perfect fit for this kind of work. But what if his actual life and personality isn't what he thinks it is? The series synopsis indicates that a mysterious stranger will offer that suggestion to Odum, and the trailer certainly reveals some confusion on the part of the lead character. There's a moment where his son asks him about bad guys and he looks confused, and later his coworkers note that his accent changed.


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