Friday, April 4, 2014

Downton Abbey cast receive warning from Fellowes

By Tim Walker7:28AM BST 04 Apr 2014

Just as the Earl of Grantham occasionally has to discipline the staff of Downton Abbey, so, too, does Julian Fellowes, his-real life counterpart in the House of Lords, when his actors err.

Of Richard E Grant’s decision to post a picture of himself on a social networking site in costume on the Downton set, the show’s creator says: “He’s very naughty. The trouble we’ve had with things like Twitter.”

Speaking at the launch of Grant’s fragrance, Jack, at Liberty, Fellowes added: “We had to explain to the cast about the dangers of tweeting as no one realised how interested everybody was in the show. You’re in a bubble when you’re filming.

“You’re just tweeting these nice things and you don’t realise there are millions of people worldwide trying to pick up the plot.”


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