Thursday, June 19, 2014

Martin Freeman: The Shocking ‘Fargo’ Finale: Creator Noah Hawley Breaks Down the Epic Bloodbath (SPOILERS)


FX’s pitch-perfect 10-episode TV adaptation of ‘Fargo’ came to a bloody conclusion Tuesday. The show’s creator and writer, Noah Hawley, breaks down the brilliant finale.

Well, there was no wood chipper.

But you betcha that the explosive finale of FX’s Fargo limited series wasn’t lacking in spewed blood, comeuppance, and the kind of understated intensity that’s made the risky adaptation of the Coen Brothers film classic at once menacing and suspenseful, pulpy and fun, and—in turn—cable’s must-watch drama of this past spring.

The high-octane finale featured retribution, surprising acts of heroism, expected deaths in unexpected fashions, and even a snowmobile chase scene. (WARNING: Stop reading here if you have not seen Tuesday night’s Fargo finale. SPOILERS lie ahead.)

We get what appears to be a climax about halfway through the episode when Billy Bob Thornton’s hitman Lorne Malvo and Martin Freeman’s in-over-his-head insurance salesman turned prime suspect Lester Nygaard finally reunite. Whether you considered them heroes, villains, antiheroes, protagonists, or antagonists depended on the episode and, frankly, your mood. 

Regardless, that their reunion ended so unexpectedly was satisfying given how atypical the season-long cat-and-mouse chase between the two characters was—they started out strangers, became complicit partners in crime, and, eventually, enemies in their own right. At the end of the adrenaline-packed scene, they both end up getting away.

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