Sunday, October 19, 2014

It Looks Like Benedict Cumberbatch Might Be Getting Engaged Soon, If You’re Looking To Feel Depressed Today (OMG DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER)

8 hours ago by Cassandra Hough

If we were in the middle of a CW sitcom or a crappy rom-com right now, this news would bring about the typical eating-ice-cream-in-sweatpants-and-dabbing-our-puffy-eyes montage set to “Everybody Hurts.” Why, you ask? Oh nothing really, just that Benedict Cumberbatch might be getting engaged soon. As in engaged to be married. To his girlfriend. Who’s not one of us. This situation is so dire, I can’t even figure out which emoji to use to best demonstrate my feelings on the matter in a text to my sister about this later. Ugh.

According to The Daily Mail (so take that with a boulder-sized grain of salt, please) Benedict was “spotted” (read: stalked by employees of The Daily Mail) flying to Edinburgh to visit the mother of his girlfriend, Sophie Hunter. Which could mean he was either a.) enjoying a visit with a lonely older lady who lives in Scotland, because WHO WOULDN’T; or b.) ruining the lives of the Cumber Collective (“bitch” is just too harsh right now, when my wounds are gaping wide open) and possibly asking the elder Ms. Hunter for her daughter’s hand in Cumberbatchrimony. Woof. The Mail‘s report is kind of misleading, though, because at first you’re meant to think he went and visited her alone but then the article mentions something about Benedict and Sophie ogling a garden of royal flowers or some shit during “their” visit. So who knows.

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faripari said...

Who ever wrote this can we please be friends?

Karen V. Wasylowski said...
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Karen V. Wasylowski said...

I didn't write this ( just added the pictures) - the author's name is at the top of the post. But thanks for not saying awful things to me for putting it on the blog. And I'd love to be friends.

wrytermom said...

Well, I wish you would write an article like this yourself, because I'm sure it would more closely reflect the real feelings of the fandom which, IMO, are: YAY! Benedict finally found someone! She seems like a good match intellectually and works as hard as he does. Now all they need is to find a boarding school that will take their children at age 3!

Karen V. Wasylowski said...

Oh, thank you! I dreaded to open your comment because I've been expecting the worst. I have someone upset with me on twitter, but I don't think she's actually read the article - which is NOT the daily mail article. anyway, I'm with you. There are a handful of actors who seem genuinely decent and he's one of them. He also has a great example of a happy marriage with his handsome dad and beautiful mother, so he'll know the kind of life partner to choose. Also, he seems truly sensitive to the feelings of other and will make a great father. All in all, I hope he finds someone to marry and soon, if not Sophie, someone equally gifted and brilliant, because I don't think he'd care for a dumb dora.