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Tom Hiddleston News 2014: 'Loki' And 'Dr. House' Together In A Brand New MiniSeries, 'The Night Manager'

Nov 04, 2014 08:06 PM EST | By Lily Aria

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AMC brings another drama series to fans worldwide as it brings together A-list actors both in the big and small screen. News online reveals the upcoming television series "The Night Manager" stars Englishmen Loki of "The Avengers" Tom Hiddleston, and Dr. House " Hugh Laurie.

As a result of bidding wars among networks, AMC won the rights to the television adaptation of John le Carré's 1993 novel, "The Night Manager". The story of "The Night Manager" focuses on an ex-British soldier who turned into a night auditor of a hotel, Jonathan Pine. The story of "The Night Manager" is themed with espionage as undercover operations are performed in order to capture an international criminal.

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Although the cable network responsible for the successful television series, "The Walking Dead" keeps mum about the upcoming "The Night Manager" production, sources according to The Hollywood Reporter have revealed a few details on the newest drama series.

"The Night Manager" news found online reveals AMC's partnership with BBC to create the 6-7 part miniseries. The Hollywood Reporter reveals "The Night Manager" details such as producer headed by Ink Factory - who has dabbled with the author's work in the 2014 British film, and novel adaptation of "A Most Wanted Man".

David Farr, known for his writing skills on the British drama series "Spooks", is set to write the script.

The biggest news of this upcoming series "The Night Manager" lies on the actors hired to bring the characters of le Carré to life: Englishmen Hugh Laurie, and Tom Hiddleston.

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