Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ellen DeGeneres Teases Benedict Cumberbatch About That Golden Globes Photobomb

BY ANDREA BILLUPS @princessmouse 01/14/2015 AT 12:30 PM EST

Benedict Cumberbatch Teased by Ellen DeGeneres Over Golden Globes Photobomb

Call him the "Cumberbomber."

While Benedict Cumberbatch's fans have their own moniker, the elegant yet hunky English actor's record for the televised photobombing stands as reason to reconsider his own nickname.

"You're like an awards show professional … you're photobombing everybody in sight now," Ellen DeGeneres teased The Imitation Game star and expectant dad, 38, when he made his first appearance on her show Wednesday.

Though Cumberbatch eagerly inserted himself into a red carpet picture of rock legends U2 at the 2014 Academy Awards, the newly engaged Cumberbatch told DeGeneres his leap into a photo of Meryl Streep at Sunday's Golden Globes wasn't planned.

"Somebody asked, for the record, and I said, 'No, that's never going to happen again. That was a one-off thing,' " defended Cumberbatch. "And then Meryl Streep and [Margaret Cho playing] someone from North Korea stood right in front of me for about five minutes trying to take a photograph."

He continued, "This is ridiculous. I just jumped up into the camera. This is shameless."


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