Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Michael Fassbender sightings in Bay Area as Steve Jobs shoot carries on, seeks extras

By Kimberly Chun on February 18, 2015 8:52 AM

OK, who cares if Michael Fassbender looks nothing like Steve Jobs? Hotness feelers are out and tingling in anticipation of stumbling into the star in black turtleneck guise as shooting of “Steve Jobs,” the Aaron Sorkin-penned, Danny Boyle-directed biopic based on the 2011 Walter Isaacson biography, continues around the Bay Area. Yes, this is cinematic reboot at the center of the hacked Sony email upchuck/uproar that embarrassingly saw Sorkin allegedly griping to Sony/Columbia Pictures chairman Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin, “I don’t know who Michael Fassbender is and the rest of the world isn’t going to care.”

 Sorkin later came around, writing that Fassbender is “a great actor whose time has come.” Understandable since the actor has proven himself fully capable of heating up the shadows and turning on the nuance when it comes the most troubled or villainous characters, from “Shame”‘s sex addict to the “X-Men” franchise’s Magneto to “12 Years a Slave”‘s rapey plantation owner.

So Fassbender fans have been getting dreamy about running into the hunk as he hunkers down to chomp broccoli amid the crunchy, high-’70s hippie coziness of La Med in Berkeley, holes up in the garage of Jobs’ childhood home in Los Altos, strolls the bland office parks of Silicon Valley, or maybe even introduces a benighted NeXT product or two at Davies Symphony Hall. This week yielded a blurry yeti-like sighting at a SF cafe — though that grainy backside could belong to any ole “toothy-smiled Irish/German sex god” (as the F— Yeah, Michael Fassbender! Tumblr puts it).

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