Saturday, October 28, 2017

Martin Clunes 'accuses actresses of flirting with producers' in wake of Weinstein scandal

The Telegraph
Victoria Ward
27 OCTOBER 2017 • 7:23PM

Martin Clunes, the actor, has accused actresses of flirting with movie producers in a manner he likened to “prostitution”.

The Doc Martin star, 55, worked with disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein on 1998 blockbuster Shakespeare in Love.

He told The Sun at a charity event: “Some of these actresses, there are some draped over him in a club.

"It's not news that these predators allowed some people to ... I don't know.

"Of course it's absolutely ghastly. It's a form of prostitution — the oldest game in the book."

More than 50 actresses have claimed 65-year-old Weinstein sexually assaulted them and he is the subject of police investigations in London, Los Angeles and New York.

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