Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Luke Evans Talks Tone, Gore And Character Dynamics In ‘The Raven’ MOVIES Posted by EvanDickson on April (BLOODY DISGUSTING)

As Detective Fields in The Raven, Luke Evans plays the straight man to John Cusack’s Edgar Allan Poe. The film is, in many ways, structured like a buddy cop movie – albeit with a historical figure in a period setting and lots and lots of blood. Nevertheless, two leads from opposite walks of life are forced to team up to solve a series of crimes. It’s not the easiest job to maintain the screen with a more flamboyant presence, but Evans rises to the occasion.

I hopped on the phone with Evans late last week to discuss his role, balancing fiction with reality and staying true to the gruesomely beautiful spirit of Edgar Allan Poe’s writing.

The film is actually quite a bit different from the trailer that was initially released last year. Initially it indicated that the film might be tonally like Sherlock Holmes, but it’s not. It’s much darker. 

Yes. There’s no bubblegum about this movie. We don’t veer away from an accurate portrayal of Poe’s works. They were bloody and very violent. And we had to honor his work by having as many macabre and bloody death scenes as we could.


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