Monday, April 29, 2013

Martin Freeman: Sherlock success is like Beatlemania The reaction to the BBC1 detective drama makes its star feel like one of the Fab Four (RADIO TIMES)

Radio Times staff

11:25 AM, 29 April 2013

It’s rare these days to turn up at a press conference, awards ceremony or other event featuring the stars of Sherlock and not find a group of screaming fans out the front trying to catch a glimpse of their heroes. So when Martin Freeman, who plays John Watson in the BBC1 detective drama, likens the Sherlock phenomenon to Beatlemania, he has a point.

"The reaction to [the show] has been unlike any I've had to any other job I've done," said Freeman. "I've got some great reactions to things I'm very proud of, but I don't think any surpass Sherlock in terms of critical acclaim and numbers of people watching - and just a general feeling that you're in a mini Beatlemania."


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