Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Royal Baby Shower: BORN TO RULE - Royal-Spoof Photographer Alison Jackson Already Has Multiple Infants to Play Kate Middleton’s Baby by Bridget Arsenault (VANITY FAIR)

Kate Middleton baby shower

And in the practitioners-of-art department, celebrity-spoof photographer Alison Jackson told us she already has a “royal baby” lined up and ready to go. “We’ve got one with dark hair and one without any hair.” Not too worried about the baby’s gender? “Just a baby in a nappy is quite nice.”

Until the mini-monarch arrives, her focus remains on Kate: “I have about three [Duchess of Cambridge] lookalikes, and one is pregnant. Otherwise we use a silicon pregnant belly. A portable one,” she says. “People are dying to see pictures. I’ve just done one of William trying to keep Kate cool, so he’s spraying her bump with water.” Chic!


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