Friday, March 29, 2013

Tom Hiddleston uses London’s stage to keep himself sharp (LONDON EVENING STANDARD)

Tom Hiddleston: could return to a London stage (Picture: Getty)

Alistair Foster
28 March 2013

Actor Tom Hiddleston is one of Britain’s hottest Hollywood exports — but he is eyeing a return to the West End stage to keep his skills honed.

The star, set to reprise his role as Loki in Thor: The Dark World, says his north London flat’s kitchen table is groaning under the weight of theatre scripts.

Hiddleston, 32, always kept one toe in the West End during his rapid rise, with his last outing being The Kingdom of Earth at the Criterion Theatre last year.

He said: “My table in the kitchen is where I work and read scripts — and it’s literally littered with plays right now. I’m on different, modern things, American classics, Shakespeare, Jacobean stuff. I really want to find something big and meaty and exciting.

“Theatre tests you. It stops you being insecure with the film set idea of action and cut.

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