Sunday, July 14, 2013

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH: Holmes crowned top TV detective after eliminating his rivals (THE SUN) By JAKE RYAN Published: 4 hrs ago

SHERLOCK HOLMES is Sun readers’ elementary choice of top TV detective

Following Barack Obama’s admission to Idris Elba that he’s a huge fan of his character in BBC1 show Luther, we asked you to select your favourite super sleuth.

And claiming top spot with 20% of the 4,144 poll votes was pipe-smoking Sherlock, who has captured the public’s imagination in Benedict Cumberbatch’s latest portrayal of the detective.

The murder-solving genius has wowed TV critics in the BBC series with his superhuman powers of reasoning and able assistant Dr Watson, played by Martin Freeman.

Maverick cop Luther follows up in second with 16% of the vote while the late Jon Thaw’s Inspector Morse is third on 12%.

Idris Elba is admired as gritty Luther, the dedicated police officer who is consumed by the crimes he solves while Morse is the hard-working cop in not-so-sleepy Oxford.

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