Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sherlock: Mark Gatiss rules out live episode for Sherlock, but is there hope for Doctor Who? July 10th, 2013 (UNREALITY TV) by Anna Howell

With the entire nation seemingly obsessed with live episodes of their favourite shows of late, there is one BBC hit drama that won’t be jumping on the bandwagon – Sherlock!

We can only imagine this is good news to the show’s main star, Benedict Cumberbatch, as he has recently revealed that he has terrible trouble remembering his lines.

Mark Gatiss, the writer of the modern-day twist on the famous novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has revealed in no uncertain terms that the cast of the show, which is in the production stages of its third much-anticipated series, will not be put under the live camera spotlight.

According to the Radio Times, when asked at the recent Paris Comic Con if a live episode of the show would ever be considered, Gatiss replied:

“Not for Sherlock! I’m going grey just at the prospect! Absolutely not.”

However, he didn’t seem quite so reluctant when the same question was asked about his other hit series, Doctor Who, replying:

“I seem to remember Russell harbouring a desire to do a live Doctor Who. ‘Forty-five minutes to save the world!’ I remember David [Tennant] blanching when he was telling me about it, even though we’d done The Quatermass Experiment… It’s possible.

“It would probably have to be a very contained thing where the Doctor was trying to get out of a lift or something.”

But, whilst a live episode hasn’t been ruled out for Doctor Who, it seems the public cries for the 12th Doctor to take a leap into modern times by being black, female or both, might be.


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